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September 06, 2006


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Aniisu K Verghese


I have been searching high and low for an internal communications body in Asia to register with. I work in Bangalore, India as an internal communications professional for a global investment management and research firm. Have been keen to share best practices from my earlier stints with Accenture and i-flex solutons ( ex-Citibank outfit) but unfortunately have never found a forum to do so.

There is a motley group of communicators from the IT industry in India but we have never come around to sharing ideas and practices.

So, I was happy to read your post.

Have posted a link to an article I wrote recently on how outsourcing firms should view communications in India.

Would appreciate your views.



Lee Smith

Hi Aniisu
Sorry for the delay in responding - I've been incredibly busy over the last week or so.
As far as professional bodies go, I'm really struggling to know where to point you in India. The IABC ( is the closest thing to a global body for communicators, though I suspect it has a limited presence in Bangalore. There is, as you suggest, a real gap in the market, particularly given the huge working population out there and the major corporations you are supporting.

I liked your article on Simply Communicate. I share many of your views and agree that organisations operating in the outsourcing arena need to make sure their staff are properly engaged. The importance of internal branding - ensuring employees know what the client brand stands for and interact with customers in a way that reinforces it - cannot be underestimated. I suspect that there is an over reliance on one-way electronic channels and agree that the emerging media (blogs, wikis, podcasting) offer enormous potential in that context. I look forward to reading more in the future...

Good luck with your work and your networking.

All the best.


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